Dream a Constellation Together

IMG_8833Tell me, do they have lavender sunsets
in the land where you live?

Was there a river in your childhood
that flows through your dreams?

Shall we fight over which river is better
and who owns the sun?

Or shall we tell stories
around the fire

and balance our souls along the banks
while the day is pulling her shades down

and the stars that no one knows
begin to dot our mutual horizon?

Perhaps someday we will dream
a constellation together

and it will matter not
whether I call it the Great Blue Heron

or you call it the Giant Spruce
or our sister calls it the Goddess Ostara

for in that day,
the sun will shine on us both

and the stars will guide our nights
filled with better tales

This Perfect Moment Standing Before You

Arch2O-MattMolloy-WildWindsHow far did the western wind travel
to meet you here

in this perfect moment
standing before you?

yet again life begins
and the water is waiting for you

the hot center of the earth
and the star dust cold

conspire to open
this window to the world

yet do you resist
looking through it

with eyes of dawn
and a radiant heart?

trade in your stiff eyes
and join the wild wind

—Ryan Van Lenning


The Stretch From Roar to Whisper

15835382974_6499b79a21_bMoving in circlets
in widest sympathy

she knows the stretch
from roar to whisper

a serpent
in the lap of stillness

desire is the first season of creation
painful and exciting
and beauty the beginning
of a thousand small shocks

and yet they are the reason

her syllables lap along the shoreline
corpostulating the edge
just beyond her fingers