066EDE58-22B3-4F8B-95B3-EE48AAF2357DWho has the eyes to see
the feral paw prints
still tracking across your heart
as the world races into the future?

Have all the sharp voices already
drowned out that clarion call
clear as the morning star
pulling up the sun?

Who has the ears to hear
your sagebrush story
of death and rebirth
growing in your gut
as the world rolls on?

Who has the time
for a trickster moon
howling in your bones
as the world floats on by?

Who can feel the warmth
of a juniper bark fire still blazing
beneath your breastbone
as the world turns?

Have all the rough rags
of the routine
already washed you clean
of your magic mountain dust?

Or does a little speck remain?

Does a bright song abide
within the heartbeat
of your delicious desert dawn?

If so, let it be the seed note
of your sacred symphony
sprouting through the concrete
of the world

as it pours itself
along your irrepressible path




IMG_8288It begins with winds of change
that threaten to blow the house down
in the night

Forget about the pictures
on the walls
and the things left cooking
on the stove

If you’re lucky even the nails
will be swept away

and that little secret word
you use
in emergencies like this will
be useless

It’s time for new words

All the pickets are gone
and even the posts now look like bones,
skeletons of the past

Don’t worry about the why
of your heaving body
and indecipherable gutturals
snaking through you

just accept that energy wants to dance
and requires a vast vessel

the one you are
the one you are becoming

A night that seems too long
blesses you with a dawn
revealing a new landscape

inviting you to rebuild your house
only from what you find within

the shelves are stocked
with everything you need

and a sacred sign suspends itself
from the center beam:

Come in, wondrous one
you are second to none

From a new collection called ‘No Lies on the Mountain’, out later this year. In the meantime you can get Re-Membering: Poems of Earth and Soul, available on Amazon, Indiebound, and your local bookstore.


Letting bees buzz across every last inch
of your landscape—
that was the ritual.

To weigh your heart against a feather, even though you’ve been eating rocks.

We didn’t count the stars that night
to go to sleep.

We didn’t sleep at all.

The stars strained their necks in curiosity at what we were up to.

Though they should know,
having bursted into their own destiny
over and over.

Step one, die.

Slough off the dead tissue
from your living flesh.

Step two, cross the threshold of desire into your unfathomable.

Step three, return.

Your face will look different. Your eyes seem to know something new.

Whatever your heart weighs now,
only you and the wind know.

Annihilation and humility will be added to your vocabulary.

You may pronounce love with a different accent.

The ceremony is discrete.

The ceremony is discreet and messy.

The ceremony will birth a thousand stories
each new one holding
all the previous ones.

The ceremony will never end.


A6DA9821-72FE-41A7-B35D-41CE351E61B8Meadow mint was meant to lend
its scent to me, was sent to me

as dawnly deer was here to leer
so near to me, so dear to me

and blackly bear had dared
to bare his soul to me,
but not solely he

For You, you aimed to tame
that ol’ bear in me,
just barely free

But I yet linger to bring
the wild things to you,
springing through

And long to meet
those wild feet you grew
that true myth in you

Is it wrong to want to greet
the Whole of you,
the very heart
of the be, not do?

All along, I sang the song
of deep belonging,
among the throngs

For I was built
to tilt my hilt
at windmills,
and not quit until

My heart aroar
with words as swords
as skilled as lords,
sing us toward
the secret chords


I Was a Wilderness

8DD55B5F-B1C6-4D7B-B77A-4476A530577E.jpegI was a Wilderness to my babies

My sons called me Unknown and
stayed aloof

My daughters entered the temple
to contemplate the Mysteries

Creatures scurried through my veins
and everything was a cloud,
coming together
and falling apart

The tales of a thousand centuries are written in calligraphy
across my shoulders

Tattoos dreamt in time

There were complications
and there were rumbles

Birth pangs among the syrupy moments
Wounds lasting eons

It didn’t matter if some mind
figured it out

Some tried and believed it so

Yet no one believed I was the fang and the puncture both

the grand opening and the deep penetration

the sacred burning in all your loins
and lion hearts

Some grasped the tail of my dragon
and learned to play

Some took a deep breath with me

Others needed to disown their flesh
and put me to sleep

But I cannot truly sleep

For there is no end to the dream
inside me

No end to desire

for desire is the mirror of awakening

No end to my need for you

No end to my need for you
to become a river
through your own vast wilderness
flowing back to me

To rest and play again

Inner Wilderness Work

4689267C-2493-4318-8EDA-2F702B643B6B.jpegI love the work I do! I just finished another 2-hour Earth-rooted mentoring session with a new client. It is such an honor to be able to help provide a safe container for Whole Self exploration and witness the soul journey as people come into deeper belonging to themselves and nature. It’s gonna take each of us becoming our full selves and sharing our gifts to transition in this time of the Great Turning. The beautiful wild coastal landscape evoked the inner tide and walking at one’s growing edge.

Trusting your inner guide. Courage to take meaningful action. Creating Ritual for marking transition and celebration. Finding your own flow and rootedness. Leaning into the hardest spaces. Connecting to the inner child/healer/masculine/feminine. Clarifying your purpose. Dancing on the growing edge. Own the shit parts. Cultivating facets of the whole self from the four directions. Shedding old stories that no longer serve. Deepening your ecological self.

These are some of the things I live for!! Like anybody, I have a lot to learn, but I love holding space, deep listening, and gently guiding. 1-on-1 work is about a third of my @wildnatureheart work (the others are reconnection workshops and Wilderness trips-and the Wild Nature Heart Academy soon). One of my specialties is facilitating a series of inner/outer wilderness sessions, culminating in a solo wilderness ceremony that we co-create.

If some of these themes resonate with you and you’re curious about working with me, drop me a line at, I’d love to have a free chat with you. Everybody who works with me over several sessions also receives my two earth poetry books. I currently have 1 in-person spot available (in Humboldt County) and two remote (via video chat) spots available. Find out more about working with me in 1-on-1 Earth-Rooted Mentoring/Inner Wilderness Guiding.
-Ryan @ryanreturntotheearth