A Mind of Its Own

coyoteI attempt an observation,
precise and aloof,
but it runs away to Uruguay
all moody and judgmental

I try to put a hat and tie on it,
daring debonair-
it runs around in its underwear

It starts as a walk in the vacant street-
then pulls all the world aside
to do cartwheels with the kids

A simple ode is simple enough-
one would think

until it props itself up
on a pile of grievances

Or inserts its cheery balm
when a lament is what I ordered

One tear gets you ten,
so serious that something
puts its foot out to trip me
raucous laughter from the bushes

it makes one suspect that
that a poem has a mind of its own
and it’s the mind of coyote


Juniper Dreams and Piñon Nightmares

juniperThere’s a sagebrush burning
beneath my breastbone
casting off sparks of juniper dreams
and piñon nightmares

my mind’s racing like a desert hare,
but can never catch up
with the tortoise of my soul

‘I’ have a plan
but my plan has a plan

so I just cast a curious glance
with my eyes half open
like the crescent moon
curious about the one
who stalked my dreams
like a canine con artist

“Yip, yip, yip!”

He sniffs into my dreams
and pisses on my plans

I’ve been coyote’d

even the lizards are laughing
as they linger
under the red rocks

and the Nutcracker
from the twisted tree top:

“Come this way…
if you dare…
You may bring your intent,
but drop your designs
in the dust.”