Redwood Tears

IMG_4293Grandmother Tree:

Come into my hollow
my sacred redwood nook
Cradle in my dears
let’s have a little look

Rest your heart against my skin
I’ll hold you while you weep
Tell me about your sacred wounds
your stories I will keep

Let’s cry some redwood tears together
here, have some in your lap
lets hold each other for a moment
join our tears with sap

I’ve had some big ideas
I’ve been burned as well
Do you think I got this tall
by dwelling within my shell?

They tried to slap me down
they tried to petrify
I just kept rooting downwards
and reaching towards the sky

consult your forest council
consult your inner light
rise rooted like the earth
grow to your true height

so my beastie sisters
put on your fiercest horns
paint on your charred war paint
and cry your wild roar


firenadoI’m a man of the written word
except when it comes to her
I manage just a sketch

a sunset, storm, or subtle mood
are much easier to catch

My feeble words,
like crumpled boxes,
fall futilely at her feet
forever in motion

Like a firenado streaking across
a sweet strawberry lovescape
with no horizons

an ever-changing cloud
of playful pulse and purple joy
that sometimes burns
full and bright

a very big berry
on the verge of bursting

a tasty dancing delight
dripping magic melodies
and mysterious music melting
like candle wax
and swaying hips
rainbow swirls
and lovers lips

and yet a sacred wound lives within
the living, loving whirlwind
Hidden from mere mortal things
from which her secret springs