Once I Cursed the Dawn

sunrise-1513732_1280Once I cursed the dawn
—waking wickedly—
for stealing
my dreams away

Once I praised the dawn
—sighing smilingly—
for chasing my nightmares away

Then, one dawn
I awoke without a whisper
nor curse or praise
dripping from my lips
But sat sittingly
setting three cups out
on the BigDreamTable
for my guests, invitingly

Now, I awaken wingédly
tasting tea with the dawn
and the dreams
and the nightmares —all of a piece
with me and my sittingness—
strangely entangled
upon a morning
met morningly:

closed mouth
open hands


Juniper Dreams and Piñon Nightmares

juniperThere’s a sagebrush burning
beneath my breastbone
casting off sparks of juniper dreams
and piñon nightmares

my mind’s racing like a desert hare,
but can never catch up
with the tortoise of my soul

‘I’ have a plan
but my plan has a plan

so I just cast a curious glance
with my eyes half open
like the crescent moon
curious about the one
who stalked my dreams
like a canine con artist

“Yip, yip, yip!”

He sniffs into my dreams
and pisses on my plans

I’ve been coyote’d

even the lizards are laughing
as they linger
under the red rocks

and the Nutcracker
from the twisted tree top:

“Come this way…
if you dare…
You may bring your intent,
but drop your designs
in the dust.”