Mad Season

C70FB9B9-EA97-41AF-9557-2EA743BFB97C‘Til ya get that river in ya, man
Get that river in ya
‘Til ya get it in ya, man
Ain’t coming back to you

Gonna up and start
Gonna strum my heart
Gonna mad the season
Overrule the reason

Gonna ride the river
Gonna give the giver
Gonna ride the beaver
get the fever
weave the weaver
pull the lever

Gonna swim the wind
Dance my friend
Blend my blend
Gonna river bend

‘Til ya get that river in ya, man
Get that river in ya
‘Til ya get it in ya, man
Ain’t coming back to you

Gonna skin my soul
drop and roll
Gonna gather stones
float my bones

Gonna surf the sky
tell no lies
make my law
Gonna go for raw

Gonna stretch my ears
bend my fears
mend my tears
Sharpen spears

Gonna shake it out
coyote shout
scratch my itch
raise my pitch

Gonna hear the tune
swerve and swoon
Gonna be the fool


‘Til ya get that river in ya, man
Get that river in ya
‘Til ya get it in ya, man
Ain’t coming back to you

Gonna face the fate
This gateless gait
Gonna seamless stream
Dreamthis dream

Gonna eat the east
go for beast
best the West
feast and fest

Gonna live the myth
Gonna hit and miss
Gonna make a mess
Gonna Big Caress

Gonna believe the wind
Gonna believe the wind

‘Til ya get that river in ya, man
Get that river in ya
‘Til ya get it in ya, man
Ain’t coming back to you


They’re on Their Way

314D1CA4-B0EB-497E-BA98-A3256EF18D64Don’t puzzle over the meaning

When did the river ever stop
to ask the rock
Of what it’s made?

A caress will do
and it’s on its way

Don’t puzzle over the meaning.

A poem. A river.
The foam. The world.
A woman. A girl.
A man unfurled.
Who knows how to play.
Who knows how to play?
They’re on their way.

To where we’re all headed.

It’s the what
not the why.
Don’t ask me why.

The big-picture-map-
Been there, done that
Better make sure
it’s the right box/map/trap
or make your own.

They say you are
what you puzzle over
So might as well be
a puzzle dove hovering
over the treasure trove
in your pleasure grove.

Take your great outrageous scimitar
and cut your head off
so you can stand
inside both your
stone and rivers.

Either way, abundance is unavoidable.


quailitosI went to pick blackberries
and found a covey of quail
a mama and her little ones
looking quite feathery frail

A question mark crest dangled
above their quailish eyes
and exclamation points marked
their crisp and chirpy cries

I plucked a juicy berry
and tossed it on my tongue
then plucked a chirpy chirp
from the charming song they sung

They marched to a rhythm
both quaint and quirky fun
and took a dusty bath
in the summer sun

I chewed on the chirpy chirps
less chunky than chill and bright
until mama quail led her chicks
into the warm and quiet night


One Grain In the Sand

BE4561B2-0A32-4AA4-A9A2-D0AFCD4D7F51In the swollen days of July
I’m the slow ant

drifting alone across la playa
with a pelican breeze

one grain short of a beach
one sandy soul sunning
just out of reach

I’m an egg huevoneando
learning to cook itself

I’m the río running wide
outside time
Inside the outside-eyed ride

I’m the night enormous
enamored and kissing

the stars scribbling down
a wild wink of a life

spelling me out
in splendiferous form

winks start affairs
and ants build empires

helping to sleep us
under green eye of Venus

Sueña conmigo,
mi amor de la playa
one grain in the sand
one grain in the sand

igual que yo
sueño contigo
one grain in the sand
one grain in the sand

let’s swell swellingly
and make a beach of it

Not just any beach, but one
like a summer dream


F2EBBD7E-9E9A-4754-918B-B424FE0C4B8B“Behind the breastbone,
at the bottom of the yearn,
lives the poetry
making the world wider
as it takes a deep breath.”

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“and some — by seeing your intricate threading —
will begin to forget their own forgetting
and you, my friend, can weave again
your outrageous image into the world.”
(From Weave Your Outrageous Image)

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Your Dewdrop Desire

4711150E-7631-4EFF-BFB9-7731312B1444Don’t make the mistake of believing your dewdrop desire is different than the tide—
sometimes high 
sometimes low
yet always showing up 

Without it how would 
the birds and the shoreline 
feed themselves?

How would the world continue to be created?

Don’t be fooled into thinking
your red raw art 
or that sunbow wow on your face 
are any different than egret wings
flapping into the new moon

Ok, if you came at it sideways
with a Crab-eye-point-of-view 
the doorways do look different

They might appear as pockets of mud 
waiting for your thirsty feet
even if you bring your shell 
far into the day

But certainly don’t make the mistake of thinking 
your feet are different than your fathomless heart
deep as the memory of the sea