The Bee Leaves His Tavern – Seven Spring Haikus

IMG_0646Bee leaves his tavern
flying cross-eyed without care
full of daisy beer

An April morning
A fern dangles from fawn’s mouth—
Relaxed etiquette

Under the alder
Orion’s belt shines brightly
through the new spring leaves

I go and you go
to distant growing meadows—
two springs arriving

A springtime buffet
as for the fennel down there—
I ate most of it

First fruits and spring breeze
her thigh under fushia dress—
mighty writhing snake

Even in my arms
hearing the moon moan above
you long for my hands



My Sign

IMG_1632Am I one of twelve buckets
you wish to pour me into?

There is nothing you will find
out about me by knowing my ‘sign’

I am untranslatable.
I am a new genre.

Star patterns know me not
No list contains me
and my birthday will not unveil my colors for you

I will pour the colors for you
if you hold your hands open
at a certain angle

The hour of my birth will tell you nothing
because what you’re really after
is what you want
or don’t want me to be for you

and maybe I will try that on
if it’s what you actually need for a moment

But if you should want to know me
and my sign

I say: eagle worm
oak moss

oozing profligate rivers
out of my endless veins

I sing: soul turtle wing
sun thread red root

in my periorbic mastications.

Mud and cloud are my emblems
emblazoning rainbow wizard
mountain heart
from horizon to ludicrous horizon
swelling like May plums.

I bring the Kiss of the Catalyst
and will introduce you.

If words will not do—and they will not—
then I say discard the ordered charts
and sit with me
on a lichen-loved boulder
soaking the big sun
on a deep lake

Walk with me over duff and dirt
through fern and unfurling fancies
and feel my sign beating slowly
under our skin together.

Coyote Moments

vetchYou look familiar,
we said to each other
emerging from oaks and vetch
and rattlesnake grass.

It was just barely the kiss of the morning
and her big ears were up
and so we’re mine,
eyes round with wonder.

The ears of the oaks
and eyes of the rattlesnake grass
remained the same.
The vetch watched in curiosity.

“You’re different than I thought,”
I said.
Her reddish-grey coat caught
the morning light
and she replied,
“You’re different than I thought.”

We were tempted by habit
to replay an old script—
skittish and wary, averting eyes,
running towards safety.

But instead the evernew wind
danced through the limbs
of the oak
and the rattlesnake grass
and the spiraling arms
of purple vetch stretching.

and because our ears were up
we heard it
and one or the both of us began singing:

đŸŽ¶ “You’re so beautiful…I like you…
I want to know you…”

And so we stayed
sharing moments
in the wind
as new friends
in the kiss of the morning light.


What the Eagle Wants

IMG_1174Some want to ride the eagle
through cerulean skies
others are in their feathery nests
learning how to fly

Tickle of the sprouting wings
to feel so bold and brave
a type of living into
a freedom that they crave

But some would rather shun
for freedom has its fear
it implies an awful gaze
in a much too faithful mirror

The rest want to be taken
by the talon and by the beak
to get inside the eagle
by a beautiful death they seek

But what does eagle want
he who rides the wind?
What does eagle want
of lovers and of friends?

He wants to live the spectrum
of the loves in the breeze
to share with the world
the colors that he sees

He wants to fly the mountains
and carve his poems in air
with winged archery shooting
arrows with craft and care

He wants to share his vision
from his rainbow lair
to spread his wings around you
and caress your restless hair
draping feathers across your skin
vulnerable and bare

But he wants what’s below
beneath the skin and bones
the living pulse of beating heart
and make it his carnal throne

He wants to feel its fleshy beat
in his claws and beak
to fuel his rainbow eyes
from the mountain peak

to feel the taste of throbbing heart
between his beak and claw
to gather its pulse and energy
making magic of it all

Wiggle Through the Hues

IMG_1365Happy National Love a Tree Day!

Eagle worm eagle worm
What do you see?

I see just three leaves,
Just leaves of three

Mottle-dee-dum, Mottle-dee-dee
Tell me what you really see

The Raven is flapping his wings on the wind
Creating tsunamis in lovers and friends

You who Wiggle through all of the hues
Consult the Spectrum where you get all the news

The leaf is the front
and the back of the Game
The leaves are the feathers
of the big name

But tell me, dear Wiggle, what do you mean?
You who slide through colors like dreams

I say what I mean, and I mean what I say
The leaf is a path to its Opposite Day

But what is the opposite of red yellow green?

Follow the Spiral and you’ll see what I mean

The one on the left is rooting and red
The one on the right is wanting its bed
The one in the middle’s the clue to it all
East spirit ofSpring from west heart of Fall

And what of North, and what of south?

Feed your body, feed your mouth

The more the three are ripe and round
The more the fourth, the North, is found

The three are your fourth, and the fourth is your three,
when they are lived fully and free

Thank you Beloved
I’ll ponder your words
As I sit on this hill
with the musical birds

The Shape of Love

IMG_5389Sometimes the way love abandoned you
takes the shape of a shimmering lake
in the desert

miles from safety, miles from reason

But you must go anyway
in order to find the final tear.

In order for the final tear to fall
you must fall
further than the times before.

So you walk step by step
descending dry
descending deeply

you walk hand and hand with death
your first ally

you walk tenderly
with regret and forgiveness
with love and release

You tell all of them goodbye

You keep falling
further than the times before

until you discover the lake is a mirage
and always has been

And the desert takes its due
and the sun is not your ally

The ways love abandoned you
comes in the shape of a parched throat
and parched thoughts

but the truth wants to form a syllable
inside you
and it whispers your name

and you know now:
You abandoned yourself

And it hurts.


Everything is on fire.

You are so thirsty.

The fire says, die here or climb.

It is not a koan. Die here or climb.

If you abandon yourself now
you abandon everybody you claim to love

You can’t love
without taking yourself
into the big heart

So you begin.

Your body moves up the mountain
and there’s nothing pulling you up
except one thought—
you have too much love to give
to lie down here forever
under the big hard sun

The way love finds you
comes in the shape of hot heart rocks
the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen
that appear as you climb your way out
hand over fist
over hand over fist
claiming your life with everything
that still is alive in you

They are screaming your name
with a strength beyond muscle

and finally
you reach the rim of the world

the desert and the mountain
and the heart of the world
have tattooed the shape of love
in you

and you know now you will never
abandon yourself again