5CFF08CA-9967-4406-BD6D-5652FDD7AAE0What am I trying to truly say
to my Self
in this split infinitive
and affable alliteration?

Om—sometimes infinity need a little space to stretch out in

but that’s not quite it.

In search of a world to modify
and dangling a participle,

a big bangs
a heat waves
a cold snaps

A breath taking
I opening
order forms

then falls

over and over

Did I mean to modify
an unintended Subject?

Or was my intention to become
an object subjected
to play?

Look, this is what I can do!

I cannot be split, only forget.

I cannot not proliferate.

I cannot not come together
and pull apart.

Consider this from your point
of view.

Consider this from mystery’s point of view.

Overflowing, I join me. Overflowing, I leave me.

You can see the dilemma.

The Stretch From Roar to Whisper

15835382974_6499b79a21_bMoving in circlets
in widest sympathy

she knows the stretch
from roar to whisper

a serpent
in the lap of stillness

desire is the first season of creation
painful and exciting
and beauty the beginning
of a thousand small shocks

and yet they are the reason

her syllables lap along the shoreline
corpostulating the edge
just beyond her fingers