Forest Poet

forest poetThey’re casting for the role of forest poet

I wanna play the part
weaving words like vines
that look into the face of love and fear
among the redwood trees

it’s only slightly mad

not on any high school
career-planning curriculum
college major quiz
or drop-down menu

I wanna play the part
of the forest poet

have morning tea
with animal allies
and titillating conversations
with flowing creeks

Notice how the light
and shadow dance together
playing tricks
on the leaves of
unfurling ferns

compose poems
as medicine
for a world caught up

a bit strange
they say

stranger than sports fans rioting
black friday madness
or making gas-powered leaf-blowers,
or little plastic scented trees for cars?

so let others play the part of
politician, programmer,
engineer, janitor,
office manager, military officer,
designer, carpenter,
athlete, mailman,

They’ve all got their place.

It’s just that I wanna play the part
of the forest poet

I wonder, is it needed any less?

Erotic Love Haikus From and For the Forest

WP_20160102_005Tiny poems of love to redwoods, creeks, fungi, and the exquisite essence of the forest. I kicked off 2016 with a week in the woods.

1)a redwood romance:
is there a more awesome way
to start the new year?

2)My heart jumped with joy
when i saw your spongy form
wish i knew your name.

3)damn, i love your curves
the way you work that water
makes me come to you

4)wet woodland carpet:
never smelled something so sweet
that wasn’t a girl.

5)Hi tall red stranger,
seduce me with your stillness
as our skin touches

6)your reds are richer
than your greens are greener than
the moistest meadow

7)you wear no garments
standing naked on the hill
exposed to the wind.

how can i resist
touching your sexy smooth skin,
Madam Madroña?

8)I cannot see you
But I hear your nightly hymns
WHO serenades me?

9)if you would let me
i’d breathe you in all day long
and caress you all night

10)like long lost lovers
embrace after a season.
nothing outside this