Tender Beauty of the Breakdown

IMG_4895The sacred mountain is calling

‘Tap, tap,’
the bell beneath the breastbone beckons:

“Come, be naked and empty
under the big hard sun
stretching horizon to horizon
of your true home.

Dive deep into the Great Inyo Sea
into the mariana trench
of your unadorned self.

like scorched soil
ready to receive

Die to all the worlds
to which you don’t belong,
leaving them to drift in the sage wind
of the high desert
as offerings to the land.

Cherish the tender beauty of the breakdown
the sweet beauty of the rebirth.”


Everything Is A Cloud

IMG_0351here in the clouds
atop the mountains
an altogether different world
floats on by

spend enough time
among their passes
and valleys
and you realize

even the mightiest
of these granite giants

are clouds

apparently solid
but transient

like everything else

soon enough
they will meet the sea

carried by the tide
to the other side

a reminder:

that one stable thing
only in the mind