296BFA2F-3B04-43A6-9E87-D7F5FC41197FFair warning here before embarking
much unknown and vicious
swims here-in
the kinds that live in hurricanes and
meteors and every fallen limb

Lives down here too the shadow swimmers
sunken ones beyond the reach of sun
Let’s cast our net and see what of you
and I might be glimpsed or even caught
What might be eaten or even fought

Much might have to be tossed back, but not
to die, but endure a going home
wet with surprise when we too drop down
with the ugly eyeless big-mouthed ones

Yet one wonders if we know which parts
we dare to keep and with which we part
and soon return as an offering
to the darkling waters of this sea

Until we—with shudder and a grin—
know the fathoms of the sea within
our net another arm unbound
we use to hold the things we found