Step Away From the Noise

Each week I harvest a few of the micropoems and thoughts I wrote that week, often inspired by nature or writing prompts (such as @Microprompt and @WrittenRiver on Twitter). Sometimes I try to weave each component into a larger tapestry., sometimes not.

img_2306a brisk autumn breeze
carries sounds of cars across
shimmering water

Step away from the noise
Keep falling
until you reach
the mariana trench
of your true self

like st. john
leave ‘home’ and enter
la noche oscura del alma
dark as ink:
pulled towards either
purification or destruction

home is where I wake up
where I sit
where I walk
mobile, yet moored
with a compass,  but broken oars

yesterday: “I’m liberated!”
today: “Damn, I’m hooked still”
disappointment and compassion
continue their eternal wrestling match

like an epiphyte, I’m groundless looking for ground that is
groundlessness where freedom grows


Heart impression at West Cliff, Santa Cruz

On bouldering as metaphor: sometimes your path is blocked. you only have to move over a bit for a clear path through.

Remember: Even the ocean and seashore write love letters to each other. That’s what creates both the smooth beach and jagged, beautiful cliffs.

platter of well-cooked change

changein the last couple months i have been served up an delicious platter of well-cooked change (organic & locally sourced), marinated in a savory sauce of raw energy and dead beliefs, with generous sides of spicy sauteed shadows and trickster love, all washed down with a complex brandy distilled into sweet ambrosia. i haven’t always been hungry for it, but i’m thankful for the meal, the best i’ve tasted. gratitude for the challenges/opportunities for growth.

Declaration of Interdependence and Explosions in the Sky

interdependenceWhen in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the bands which have connected them with another….

Today i declare my independence from this culture. this culture of greed and militarism and racism and propaganda and distraction, that worships the new and shiny and possessions and sky gods and makes a fetish of celebrity and ‘power’ and distractions and ‘BIGGER’ and ignorance. that can’t help but bury its sins in forgetfulness. from this voracious devouring. this mania for MORE. I’ve lost my appetite. a fast is overdue.

i declare my INTERdependence with my fellow creatures of the earth, my sacred biotic community, the winged ones and hooved ones and gilled ones and 4-leggeds and no-leggeds. I declare my complete dependence on healthy ecosystems, on clean air, clean food, clean soil, and clean water. I declare my non-compliance with the merchants of death and vendors of forgetfulness who unwittingly conspire to take from me/us everything i love. If life is a race to exploit and use up everything we have inherited, who is the winner?

I declare my INTERdependence with my community, my family,those whom i live with and love, those who i know in passing, and those far-flung citizens of the world who i will never know, yet with whom i am inextricably intertwined. No one and no thing is independent of its context or relationships. Everything is interconnected. We’re caught up.

But what would we do if an entire culture was caught up in a tight web spun by a black widow? How would you get them out?

I honestly don’t know. But at the very least: an awakening from a dark sleep, a return, a rebirth, remembering, new stories, new myths? Being, not having. Feeling. re-Connecting.

Tonight i listen to all the Explosions in the Sky. First breath after coma.

After all, bees vibrate musical tones to open the flower.

Tightrope Walking

1411036926917_wps_15_epa04404076_A_picture_madI have begun to wonder whether love, art, beauty are in fact not robust, but rather are stretched taut like a thin, but strong wire between the two mountains peaks of ecstasy and tragedy. Whether connection and creation are similarly arranged. And that perhaps the greatest souls were those balanced delicately yet precariously between the two, always one small step from ennui or despair on either side.  The threat of life and limb, of emptiness, of failure, haunts the moments in between sublimity and exhilaration.  Can you catch your breath and your balance before you fall? Can you create faster than things fall apart?

Those very same processes that caused continents to move, planets to form, leaves to unfurl, and mammals to seek shelter from the storm occur just as much within the human, even if ever more subtle.  With the human, yes, something new came into the world.  This cannot be denied.  But how could not the very same processes which everywhere permeate the cosmos and take different forms not find themselves expressed in us as well?  How arrogant to believe we were created ex nihilo?  And why would we want to be?  No, rather, we are a continuation and extension of all that came before.  As Alan Watts said so eloquently, “We do not “come into” into this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree. As the ocean “waves,” the universe “peoples.” Every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature, a unique action of the total universe.”

Words are food and sex is eating and sunset raptures are the beauty of the bare shoulder of the freckled woman and the back of her legs are the silence of the misty forest grove and the cries of the baby are the frog’s croak at dawn and the playful cheetah kitten is the laugh of the lover and her eyes are the stars of the heavens and all our smiles are the same buds as the spring cherry blossom and our contradictions are the lotus flowers and war is the coyote eating the deer and the lion eating the wildebeast and it is why branding and lies are the march to the crematorium and malaria is the explosion of the bombs killing the peasants and their spotted goats.

It is all coming together and pulling apart without end, without a name, without explanation.

The remarkable implication is that to know the universe is self-knowledge and vice versa, to know oneself, is to find oneself in the heart of the cosmos.

There comes a moment when one must make a decision–one wrestled from the chaotic deep waters of our being–to simply walk across that wire.  To walk as if there were no possibility of falling; walk assuredly of each step, firmly planted, one after another.  All the while not forgetting that the abyss lies merely an inch to either side. And knowing that even in the tragic things are born, things are created, and the patient onward flow of things is ever more consecrated because of this.

How different from that other life, other way of being, awkwardly and guardedly pressing onwards with each step, unsure of one’s own pace and style, one’s own footing in the midst of things.  That is–at most–a caricature of human life.

The twin peaks beckon.

God Hates Fags

Everybody knows certain things about God. For example:

God is Love (sometimes); God is omnipotent; in God all things are possible;God is 1 in 3 or at least 3 in 1; God knows and hears prayers from Everybody, including Chris Matthews and even those people in the cities of Cantons in OH, KS, GA, SD, and TX; God is Spirit (except when in man-or-hurricane/tsunami form); God is a god of history (though technically outside it, yet acting in it, but not so much that he interferes with our free will, er, I mean…)

God Blesses America. Everybody knows that. Presidents tell us that all the time. But I didn’t know this, that God wanted the Rocky VI sequel to be made: “I felt as though God was moving me to do this.” (Sylvester Stallone)

God sent his only begotten son; God is a “man of war” (Exodus 15); God is male; God likes prophets who don’t eat or have sex much; God is a jealous god (Ex: 34:14) who thinks sacrifices and offerings are pretty neat, especially of chocolate, incense, booze, or Facebook during Lent—which by the way is “brutal, but valuable”(see Wall Street Journal–; but He just can’t beat the blood ofa good old-fashioned giraffe in a volcano for rain or whatever animal is convenient.

God hates fags

But God is also a yoga-master; God is a Goddess; God has an elephant head; God hates shrimp; God led Bush to be re-elected and to attack Iraq; God helped elect Obama; Go wants socialized health care; God blesses Guatemalan chicken bus-drivers and passengers—at least the ones that survive; God turns Sabbath-breaking Jews into despised apes (Quran 2:55-56); God blesses those who have not yet seen and still believe (church sign a couple blocks from here…really? that’s who is blessed?); “God helped Castro heal” (Hugo Chavez); God told Pat Robertson about the tsunami and that later this year “chaos will rule”; luckily, as I mentioned, God hears prayers; “God said he’s going to restrain the evil but he isn’t necessarily going to restrain it in the beginning. A lot of these things can be reversed – we just need to do a lot of praying.” God is the sun behind the clouds; God likes to be portrayed as a deer drinking pink water; Also God can be interviewed at

All of these attributes of God are pretty obvious. There’s really not much room for debate there.

But, here are 4 things you probably didn’t know about God:
1)God wants us to disavow your belief in Him because only those who don’t believe in Him will make it to heaven. God is very, very tricky that way.

2)God Blesses Me.
Before you scoff, I have evidence that God Blesses Me (not that evidence is necessary–they call it FAITH for a Reason):
a)First, how else do you explain the fact that I survived many trips around the sun and to foreign countries and am now back home without any deaths, concussions, scars, or animal diseases? (Wait, I might have to slightly revise that one, because I did get Salmonella in Mexico in December—is god punishing me or testing me? No, he is just blessing the salmonella too, so my argument still holds)
b)Second, many people have told me that God blesses me or at least they prayed for me, (Dios te bendiga!) (really? ahh, “that’s sweet! thanks! now I’m going to snort this cocaine and fuck that girl”–David Cross) I have to admit that this is a weaker reason, because it could just be that their prayer vibes directly entered my bones, red blood cells, and synapses without going to God first, but who knows?

c)Finally, ummm, there’s that feeling I have that God Blesses Me.
(remember that Friends episode with Phoebe who believes that her dead mother is in her stray cat’s body?)
C: a + b + c = GBM

3)God demands vegetarianism and economic justice.

4)Most importantly: God told me to write this and post it
Lucky for me I already I agree with all these things. It’s great having God on my side. I feel a rush already. If someone asks, “Why ….?” for any particular fact, action, value, judgment, etc., I know that God is right there, backing me up. Power, man, power!!!