Some women will draw blood
in the way that you like it

Some women have dark wells
drilled by death
you can’t find the bottom

Some women are made of feathers
always floating
while others eat rocks
and never get off the ground

Some women will want to fuck
your poems
and instead find you

Some women kidnapped themselves–
neither you nor they can find them

Some women will let you eat them
like a grapefruit for breakfast
but won’t let you make them
breakfast in bed

Some women carry a handcrafted knife
and etch their name into everything
including your back

Some women do what they’re told–
stay away from them

Some women can’t look you in the eye
some because of what they did
others because of what you did

Some women are convinced you are
what is wrong with the world

Some women are convinced you are
what is right with the world

Some women let you carry their bags for them
others let you carry their dreams
yet others know how to carry what’s theirs

Some women have a mirror in their pockets
others are a mirror in your pocket

Some women only want your mirror

only want your hands
only want your mind
only want your cock

Yet some women don’t know what they want

Some women are so sweet and innocent
you will love them forever
yet never fall in love with them

Some women will take off all their clothes
and roll in the mud
the sand
the snow
with you, after singing, “I’m alive!”

Some women will let you tie them
to a tree in the backcountry
pretending to be a wolf
under the full moon

and the moon will blush

Some women will kiss you on a volcano
Some women are a volcano.

Some women will use you as a safehouse,
fleeing danger
and others will seek a safehouse
fleeing from you

Some women give their heart out
like pollen to spring bees

Other women’s hearts shift like the moon
waxing and waning
when all you want is the sun

Some women can’t withstand the full sun
of you

Some women want the talons of you
to devour the mouse of them
so they can fly

Some women are made of wild water
and fir tips
and bits of bat’s wings

Other women are made of ideas and microplastic

Some women play hide and seek
and will keep hiding
until both of you forget which closets
you both went in, never to be found

Some women have a good game,
some have several

while some women show you all their cards

Some women know the secret
some want to know the secret
some women think you have the secret

Some women will pee in front of you
and the redwood sorrel

Some women are moths
only coming out at night

Some women are daytime creatures
afraid of the dark labyrinth

and some grab your hand
as you torch the darkness together
and then you know

some women you will never meet,
and will never meet you,
even long after you meet.

(after Kim Addonizio’s The Matter)

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