733E32AF-5C80-4E26-A5EE-8F90549CC746I’ll tell you how the long day ends
in the final hour of June, she said

with her kaleidoscopic coyote grin
and crook-eyed cricket gaze again
she sipped her nightcap hot and holy
in her ripped and airy lilac gown

aiming cat-tails towards venus west
after molten sun had bolted down

new moon me, she said, with glee
whipping wild her wide-eyed face
inside rhubarb ribbons racing
lacing up the vest of night

then offering peaches bruised just right
brewed up nicely for blue hearts
led early plums with early stars
to come out playing without a fight

Spiraling starly and madly Mars
around the skinny of her scar

I’m not the dream you thought you had
she sang with all her lovely fangs

Roam free and yes roam wide
throw those damned doors aside
unscrew yourself from doorjamb nights

was the last thing to me she said
before the month of June had fled


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