The Bees of Love Have Come

The bees of love have come—sound the alarm.

Oh, but what rampart have you wrought again?
how well you worked that stone within

Iron bound and tough beyond
which holds no entry to the throne at all
repelling any purchase on your wall

What sentinels on parapets posted
with fistly smiles and security boasted

Still you mute your extravagant heart?

The bees of love have come—sound the alarm.

Let the bells sound off:
Sing, Song, Sang, Sung!
Ring, Rang, Rung!

Ablaut! So loud! The bees are about!
They’re tickling
the castle east and south!

Abuzz! O bless! The bees are abreast!
They’re blasting the walls on the north
and the west!

Abominate with love your fear
dressed as noble knights in grey
and like your shadows at full noon
let the sentinels fly away

Once they’ve quit the realm
to move on to better positions
worthy of their vigilance

Let even your fifth throat
form an original conversation
with the open meadow

Letting the bees sip sweetly
your bold blood

Drunk on delicious dreams
in your throne room

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