The Undressed Yes

C70A0DB7-5469-42A0-BBB4-115EFBE81808Today I post my 500th poem on Rumi and The Shadow! I can hardly believe it. 

I dedicate this poem to my Inner Beloved and Rainbow Eagle.

For the No, I’ll stay restrained
Remaining all the same old strange
But for the Yes that feels fleshed
I’ll be the New that’s oddly blessed

For the Yeses that are weak
I’ll be the claw, I’ll be the beak
Pecking at the no’s and nots
Tearing all those noisy knots

For the Yes that is still stuck
I’ll take my talons, rip it up

But for the unbridled Yes
I’ll chirp like the firstly bird
Singing up the morning light
Until the thing itself takes flight

For the undressed Yes indeed
I’ll beat every wing in me
With all my rainbow feathers flocking
Giving all my hearts to hawks

And for the best and brightest Yes
I’ll be the falcon fearless flying
I’ll be the eagle eye so keen
And soar the Greatest Show yet seen

Den of My Heart

5EC61800-81B0-48CA-90C0-031092F4267FWelcome to my den within
The fire here is bright and warm

All double-heartedness dissolves
A throbbing vital peace resolved

The fire now is strong and steady
Come inside when you are ready

Enter when you’re full of joy
Or when you’re sad or tired
Even with your worries, welcome
You’ll find comfort by the fire

Lay your head in my lap when
All the troubled storms roll in

You’ll find rest by being heard
I’ll soothe you with the best of words
Caress you with my mighty paws
Healing with a sacred pause

We’ll tell tales ‘round flickering flames
singing songs and playing games

For no one else has come this far
into the holy den of my heart

The deepest nook is yours inside
To dream and play or even hide

Beyond the boulder, past the light
Past the last stone stalactites
A silent and still pool abides
Mirroring your moon-heart with delight

And though I am yet a wild bear
Mine is no mere wintry lair
I want to share my cave with you
Begin to build a life anew

So if you crave the other seasons
No need of knocks or even keys—I
Invite you in my deeply den
to craft a cozy home within

Citizen of Her Flow

99ACCB1B-E5DE-47CF-912F-DAFA09DC9DAFThis river will be here
long after the country for which it is named
is lost to time

She is her own nation–
one for hearts as young
as she is old

In the headwaters, the pull begins—she sees the sea and commits

In the heartwaters, she finds her flow
creating a new country
with turns and tides
wides and lows

In the bellywaters, she takes her fill

In the soulwaters, she’s finally still

When asked to which country I belong
I said, I’m a citizen of her flow.

What You Get

C630F3DB-7084-4656-82E8-CD1A4FFEC5D4My promising career as a mystic-poet
got derailed by a degree or two
by a degree or two.

I cracked the academia nut–I was good at it
but it required my vice-grip head
and not much more.

The other whats/fires/rivers in me needed
to be used, seen and swam, sworn and gutted

I stopped swirling and started focusing
and for that I got:

a job
a house
a wife
a car

and ample numbness
that infected it all like giardia

I was a 3-sided dice
winning the wrong things.

I was a devotee surrendering to the wrong things
with the wrong parts

and the doorway closed.

He Intends To Devour Me

D3724ABF-B55C-43CD-82C3-8646506772BFHe appears in my dreams—
in the spring I kiss the grizzly on the snout
our eyes meet and I am blessed.

But in the winter he charges me from the forest edge.

And I know there is no escape:

He is wild and I am drunk
on civilization.

I wobble and then freeze in fear—he intends to devour me.

I accept my glorious annihilation.

It is the same bear.

And he is me.