They’re on Their Way

314D1CA4-B0EB-497E-BA98-A3256EF18D64Don’t puzzle over the meaning

When did the river ever stop
to ask the rock
Of what it’s made?

A caress will do
and it’s on its way

Don’t puzzle over the meaning.

A poem. A river.
The foam. The world.
A woman. A girl.
A man unfurled.
Who knows how to play.
Who knows how to play?
They’re on their way.

To where we’re all headed.

It’s the what
not the why.
Don’t ask me why.

The big-picture-map-
Been there, done that
Better make sure
it’s the right box/map/trap
or make your own.

They say you are
what you puzzle over
So might as well be
a puzzle dove hovering
over the treasure trove
in your pleasure grove.

Take your great outrageous scimitar
and cut your head off
so you can stand
inside both your
stone and rivers.

Either way, abundance is unavoidable.

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