A Meadow To Hold It All

IMG_0611There are no strangers here
any more

My heart has walked the seasons
with the rooted ones
conspiring to add a ring or two

I don’t have to ask what time it is
yet spring is nearly an unbearable

knocking on everybody’s door
a fragrant evangelist preaching

I stumbled through the brambled wounds
of the world thick as blackberries
and sunk a falcon’s claw into the flurry

though my beard grows with each whisper
of the eastern wind and my robe
is well-worn from a winter apprenticeship

I fear I don’t have a meadow
within worthy enough to hold it all

this preposterous birth

tonight I’ll once again rest all our heads
under the inexhaustible moon
on a pillow of red dust
out-breath of the forest’s meditation
spinning itself through the seasons

and grow the edges of my booming
meadow and let the impossible rabbits feed

for not even the snowy plum
refuses to blossom
when the spring breeze
sends her strange invitations


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