Dancing Naked in the Rain

IMG_7027I’ve been immersing myself in the Japanese masters, Issa, Bashō, Buson, Shiki.

The haiku form is deceptively simple–more difficult than it appears, if you want to abide by some traditional conventions.

My goal is to create a total of 107 Forest Haikus and mini ‘zen’ poems over the winter. I’ll share in groups of 5-10. Here are the first few:

Not the only one
dancing naked in the rain
joined by Mister Newt
Going on a walk
enjoy your mid-day orgy,
lovely ladybugs
Light from autumn moon
casting shadows from redwoods
across my bald head
November redwoods
an unspeakable silence
jet engine roaring
Look, there’s a rainbow!
covering my shit with dirt,
I’m in awe of both
You dropped some feathers
Mister Peregrine Falcon
I’ll keep them for you
Just a few days old
and walking across the sky
my baby moon
I’m learning some things
Not sure what it is quite yet
leaking in like rain
No protection here
November’s got me knocked up
with baby poems
Deep autumn sitting
coyote yipping on verge
of liberation

8 thoughts on “Dancing Naked in the Rain

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