Today I Pity the Gods

IMG_6667Today I pity the gods
and pure spirits
in their unearthly realms
without ferns or figs or falling rain

or autumn’s aroma
among the oak-laurel lane

I mourn for what they
don’t even know
they don’t know
like the hint of salt on the scent of the sea
or the impossible colors
of the walnut tree

How sad they will never taste a wild blackberry
purchased with fingers stained
juice streaming down their chin
with a grin

what could their wings mean
without blue skies
compared to doves
and diving falcons?

angelic skin without knowledge of the caresses of warm wind or warmer women?

Can their heart flutter like a bush bird
upon a lover’s utterance?

what bleak void must their eyes
gaze out upon
that holds no horizon
overflowing with peach and promise
what could mark the
span of their days
in dreadful sunless time?

how lonely must they be
without the immeasurable elation
and unfathomable despair
of the human heart
to keep them company?

bereft of both beauty and terror
of what, truly, could they be in awe?

Pull Down Your Dams

Kuch_Dam_in_QuettaWho put those dams up
on the river of your soul?

they must come down
by any means necessary

you must know
that your watershed is

fresh love nourishing
not just you but all of us
don’t let those who don’t know

pour waste into your river
or let the silt build up

don’t worry about those other rivers
they’re doing their own thing

the dams will fall, eventually, of course
as all things do

but you might nudge them along
chipping away at the widening cracks

or might I recommend:
strategically placed dynamite

in a grand and dazzling

it has the advantage of being
furious fun — a blessed boldness

but whatever way,
take those godforsaken dams down

and let your waters flow
if you’re on your way to the sea

then damn it,
go to the sea


I Go To the Sea to Scream

oceanI go to the sea to scream

one of those ‘from the bottom of my ocean gut twisted red with rage’ sorta screams

a deep heartache ‘WTF is going on!?’ kinda wail

a belly full of ‘when are these goddamn killings gonna stop?’

a ‘great barrier reef is dying we’ve killed the bones of the sea’ sorta grief

a ‘plastic and wire in the stomachs of fish/birds/turtles/whales more plastic than fish’ kinda shout

I climb hand over fist
to the nearest mountain pass
when I need to roar

a ‘I can’t take this madmax bullshit any more’ type of roar
a ‘pound my fists against the granite bloody knuckles’ sorta howl
a ‘I can’t believe this shit is still happening’ kinda bark that will bite your head right off
a ‘they cut every last tree every goddamn one who the hell does that?!’ sorta cry

I go to a poem to rage
you can put anything down
on the page

like a ‘when are we gonna learn?!’ kinda rage
my ‘head spinning in disbelief’ kinda rage
a ‘why we poisoning our air/water/soil/bodies/minds and can’t stop?’ kinda bellow

and sometimes, when I’m roared out
eyes weary with tears
I go deep into the forest
in that dark green deep silence

whispering ‘what are we gonna do?’

and that great growl in my gut
becomes a hibernating bear snoring
like a slow trickle
from the peaceful creek
emerging from deep time

and I hear

a ‘come back to me’ sorta whisper
a ‘it’s late, but not too late’ kinda whisper
a ‘slow down, listen, and fall into my arms
I’ve been waiting for you all’
kinda whisper

Today in Fall Foraging News

IMG_6546So many treasures today:

72 walnuts (and a gorgeous red leaf Walnut tree)
Two tarps for winterizing
a giant Monterey pine cone as big as my head
a creek still flowing
an apple tree by the old fire station
a milk crate
coyote scat
a maple bush (that’s what I call it)
an Alameda striped racer snake
a new secret spot under….(wait, I can’t say)
a Mir-hug
a katieface
and 4-5 poems, some of them keepers

The EverNew

imagesWhere do you go
when you go away?

Are you playing hide and seek
with the earth?

Are you like the winter
tucking yourself into jubilant hibernation
to gather yourself for the next scene?

Are you like me,
disappearing into the cave
of your own soul
in order to emerge renewed?

waning, waning, waning into
the going under,
the dying, dark night of the soul
then birthing seed of the new,
waxing, waxing, waxing into fullness

You are the EverNew,
to whom everything apprentices itself

So we can stand, arms outstretched
and astonished, exclaiming:

What a wonderful night, I’ve never seen this one before!