Walking Womad

IMG_5896This is dedicated to my beautiful mountain friend, Cat, who I’m thinking about as she embarks on a major surgery today. Sie ist eine wahrer WeltenWanderer und eine wunderbar Wilde Frau!

When she speaks
you hear it
because it jumps
from the center of her chest
straight to your own

eyes beaming
fierce love
like a wildcat
sweet light
in the darkness

having walked the wilderness
her scars
are strong like her memories of
the highest passes
flowing through her blood
and bones

anchoring her

as she climbs yet one more
mountain today

in her favorite season
when she can
be with her bees
and their liquid sunshine
and caress that first little pumpkin
in her late summer harvest

#behumanstaywild #shehasthebesthashtagsever

Eye of the Storm

28xp-harveyroundup1-master768troubled waters
fills the nation
rising fastlike out of bed at 3am
from a loud sound
because everything seems
to be breaking down
can’t find solid grounda flood of tragedies
both nature born and man made
pour over the land
like a heat wave without shade

two different nations
or a divided soul

in one they stake their ground
in another they find common groundin one they get their black boots on
ready to stomp on the throat of the Other

in another they take their boats out
ready to save the life of another

in one they kill the Other with their car
in another they rescue another with their big rigs

in one they demolish the homes of the Other
in another they provide shelter to another

in one they bring chains to beat the Other
in another they form human chains to save another

they send their money, food, and clothes
y hornean pan dulce para la gente

they forgot to ask:

What color is your skin?
What party do you belong to?
What religion are you?
Que lengua habla usted?
Who do you love?

if the eyes are windows to the soul,
will the eye of the storm
be a moment of calm
through which they can imagine
being closer,
something truer
like a nation of cooperation?

which they are they?

Diaphanous Thread

IMG_5848sometimes it’s only when
you take a walk with death
that you discover
that sacred diaphanous thread
your caked mud feet
and the golden sun

the only map you need

And looking back to survey
the territory
with its obsidian shards
and dusty
evidence of a battle
now clearly seen
with the eyes of an eagle
and the heart of a mountain
you realize the thread
is you
and has always been there

The Kaepernick Kneel

american-football-ball-2a thin gauze stretches even thinner
when weaker talent
and sordid character
weigh more
than justice

A thin gauze stretches even thinner

under which wrinkled eyes
burn like black coals
reflecting shallow

to defend
white fans
from truth

as a way to protect
a League of money

take a knee
and forfeit a career

but gain
something immeasurably

as a gift to this nation

For if the NFL is the mother church
of our American civic religion

then this man
delivered a new sermon

and others are starting to
in a different way

Dust On Her Feet

fireshe sits on a sheepskin rug
crafted by her own
Italian-made hands

digging in the dirt
with a sagebrush stick
she’s so tired of taking

with a
a scratch on her arm
dust on her feet
glint in her eyes
mud on her chest
fire in her heart

she exposes herself
sharing gifts
of song and fire and laughter
and glimmering beads of seashell

making it EASY to love her

like the jicama
that made the face
of a wild german girl
wince because her taste buds
were confused

like the birds
when the moon
covered the sun

but she’s as clear
as the morning star
rising through the desert sky

a testament to rebirth
committed to making beauty

giving it away
as an offering

to the wilderness within

To All the Unexpected Visitors, Welcome

IMG_4813to the unknown bird singing
fickle fears stinging
shadow side consuming
burning bush booming
grief suddenly screaming
tears of joy beaming
new love luring
old love maturing
wounded woman wailing
sunken ship sailing
wounded man walking
death’s call knocking
hidden parts showing
Muse flowing
intuition knowing
new moon growing,
all you unexpected visitors