At the Edge of the West (Rainbow Home #3)

IMG_4973I’ve arrived at the Edge of the West. The Great Sea is gorgeous beyond words. It beckons.

And I must say, travel by Fire Dragon is much more dignified than Greyhound, even if it is in the grips of razor sharp talons. (What I learned en route from the dragon about its wound and the transformation and other things is its own tale, forthcoming)

I’ve asked around among the villagers here for the HeartSeer, who supposedly has a clue on how to recover The Obsidian Key on the Golden Ring at the bottom of the sea that will unlock the door to the Rainbow Home.

Most don’t know anything about it. Some think I am saying Arts Ear and direct me to the craft shop. A handful of people give me definite answers, though all conflicting.

The HeartSeer is, alternatively: A wise (or dangerous) magician who lives up on the hill at the edge of town, living off grasshoppers and peering into the hearts of the unsuspecting, either to steal or heal their souls or to tell their fate.

Or she’s a sorceress who lives in the forest, juggling fire and flying through the air.

Or he’s a drunken homeless man who whistles incessantly.

Or she’s a mermaid that lives among dolphins, alternatively tempting men to untimely deaths with her siren song or helping ships navigate uncharted territories.

Or a pirate. Or a prince.

Having given up on the wisdom of the locals, I was tempted to just head out on the sea now, unaided by some fantastical creature. Perhaps the HeartSeer is yet another flight of fancy, or some other misinterpretation of what the 7th Born had told me.

Besides, there’s the matter of the required gifts. 7th-Born said I would need 4 gifts: 1 unmade, 1 unsung, 1 unplayed, 1 unstrung.

Having no idea what the hell that means, I decided to check in with two merchants along the boardwalk. Neither had anything like that, nor had heard anything like it. The second one told me to get lost.

I said, “Working on it.”

But he didn’t get it.

I could, more easily, rent a boat, some supplies and scuba equipment. I am a certified scuba diver. Yet the furthest I’ve dove is maybe 100 feet. And that was in clear (and warm) Caribbean waters.

But the Bunnies had said it was no doubt sunken to the very depth of the sea, drifting into the trench that stories of the western lands say split the Great Sea in two at unfathomable depths.

What was I thinking!? I’ll drown within minutes.

No, I’m going to walk the shore and hang with the seagulls and sea lions. If I’m lucky, I’ll catch a glimpse of dolphins. If I’m really lucky, I’ll see a whale surface beside them.

If I’m really, REALLY lucky, I’ll figure out how to find the HeartSeer. If such a thing exists. At this point, I’m skeptical.

Though what 7th-Born had told HAS come to pass, in a manner of speaking.

For now, I’ll be listening to the sea.

Ebb and flow.

The waves keep coming.


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