Where I Live

WP_20160227_009I live under a plum tree
in a butterfly nation
balancing the things that pull

watching bees dance
through the oxalis forest
until settling on
the bright purple thistle flower

I live
in a redwood grove,
dancing naked in the cold winter rain
dreaming deep time

I live
at a cold heart-shaped lake,
just past Hurricane Ridge
warmth and wisdom
returning to my bones

I live
beside a city lake,
writing the wrong things

I live
on the musical road of the north
leaving behind
a cocoon carcass
but spinning another
with silk too thick to break

I live
in limbo
with four wheels
chasing the fantasies
on the edge of the West

I live
in a room
haunted by death
under a giant live oak
not knowing where
she’ll be in the morning

I live in an attic,
waiting to see
if she’ll finally come home

I live
on a rooftop,
playing fiddle with a sunset
hearing the sound
of a world breaking

I live
in a driftwood shelter on the beach,
absorbing waves
that never cease

I live
on the shoulder of a marsh,
arguing with mosquitoes
and storylines

I live
in the guest room,
deepening friendships

I live
in a cemetery,
confronting death
so I may live

I live
in a field of rattlesnake grass,
threshed like wheat,
only kernels remain

I live
among bay laurel & madrone
and a quirky Quercus
falling asleep to owls of the old
waking up to tweets of the new

I live
on a mountain pass,
seeing where I’ve been
and where I’m going

I live in
in a red rock canyon,
descending so I may ascend

I live
on a jagged foggy sea cliff,
ebbing and flowing,
but rooted like iceplants

I live
beside a creek, naked,
cheerful banter
with a yellow warbler

I live
at the edge of an alpine meadow,
sprouting like wildflowers

I live
on a hill overlooking a bay,
gaining perspective
breakfasting with wild people

I live
on the sandy banks of the river
serenaded by frogs
and a simple flowing song
tucked in by the milky way

I live
on a pine needle carpet,
grounding groundlessness
soft and spacious

I live
on the thrilling threshold,
stepping into myth
truer than fact


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