And Still the Water Flows

IMG_4060From an unknown woody hill
a dark and twisting path did call
there I met a stranger creek
and soon I found myself enthralled

the creek Islais was once a’wild
until they forced its flow below
now it is but meek and mild
a shadow of its former glow

They paved and pushed and shoved it down
until the water nearly drowned
piled beneath a culture’s demand
for squares and all the well-laid plans

Yet still a trickle flows
and yet the yellow warbler sings
and still the wild willows grow
with other mysterious things

Yet still the water flows
from a source within the earth
no concrete or willful act
can prevent it from giving birth

(I found myself wondering/wandering and found a creek. What nature and soul want don’t always align with what ego or culture or practicality demands-yet might need. We can bury the currents, but they will find a way to the surface.)


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