Caterpillar Dreams

IMG_3636Slowly I crawl
blade by blade

on the edge
falling and feeding

can’t stop eating
yet hungry all the time

wondering if these leaves
will fulfill me

haunted or blessed
by hints of a larger life

I dream of flight
spun from silk

A preparation
for a slow death

through a daredevil
dance of dissolution

my larval life liquefies
imaginal buds proliferate

I surrender to sleep
and a surprise transformation

Peel Away the Bark of Yesterday

Eucalyptus_deglupta-baseThe ground around me
is littered with things
that no longer serve

like a eucalyptus
shedding its
thin dry skin

beliefs and ways of seeing
split and peel away

like the bark of yesterday

composting into the earth
a meal for beatles
as my limbs sway upwards
feasting on the sky

Now I stand here bare
my rainbow skin exposed
and smooth to the touch

Come, feel it

Can you see me?
Does my refreshing minty aroma
reach your nose?
Do my long curvy leaves tickle your face?

my flowers
were once well-covered

now they pop their bud cap

and I offer you my fluffy pink stamen
bright with spring promise

Come, dance with me
my limbs are strong but light
from discarded weight
of things that no longer serve

the bark of yesterday
peels away

flower eucalyptus