I Remember When

img_0351I remember when
I used to be a mountain man
not an office man

a creature of the landscape
not a keyboard critter
captive to the commute

some sub-species
of homo economicus

I remember when ‘Outlook’
was a granite perch
with pretty panoramic

when my meetings were
with marmots and meadows
scheduled in between alpine lake siestas
and peak-side pleasures

I remember when
Sequoia and Oak
were forest people
with whom I’d have lunch
not cute conference rooms

I remember:

sky, not Skype
waterfall, not watercooler
foxes, not Firefox
sweet hoots of owls,
not Hootsuite

the only tweets were those of
towhees and forest finches

The gym was the trail
and boulder fields

and an ‘ecosystem event’
was not a conference panel
but the afternoon thunderstorm
scraping across the peaks
electrifying the air
raising the hairs
on the back of my neck



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