Acts of Forgetfulness

Every week or so I harvest a few of the micropoems I wrote that week, often inspired by nature or writing prompts (such as @Microprompt and @WrittenRiver on Twitter). Sometimes I try to weave them together thematically.

celloI’ll never forget
it was just one autumn ago
in a hot valley ripe
with summer’s fruits
I tasted a strawberry so sweet
a fire erupted in my heart
that I couldn’t contain

resistance was futile
so I let it burn

To everything (burn, burn, burn)
There is a season (burn, burn, burn)

(Moral of the story: be careful what you eat)

they warned of big storms
grey clouds and heavy winds
but a blue sky
blew in
and a friendly fall sun
whispered: gothcha!

now the dams have fallen
a wild autumn torrent
finally flowing

Everybody’s like: What drought?

Once upon a Time
I had limbs
attached to a torso
that had a belly

I remember a gut
stitched with
moving towards
things outta reach
like a sunflower turning skyward

they arose within me
like a cello
sustaining a low B
a piccolo
dancing merrily in fanciful flight

from time to time,
a flame goes out
until I realize:
I merely stepped outside myself
in an act of forgetfulness

Haiku for Liberation

in every moment
a split-second to decide:
to open or close

Sometimes I forget which is better


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