Step Away From the Noise

Each week I harvest a few of the micropoems and thoughts I wrote that week, often inspired by nature or writing prompts (such as @Microprompt and @WrittenRiver on Twitter). Sometimes I try to weave each component into a larger tapestry., sometimes not.

img_2306a brisk autumn breeze
carries sounds of cars across
shimmering water

Step away from the noise
Keep falling
until you reach
the mariana trench
of your true self

like st. john
leave ‘home’ and enter
la noche oscura del alma
dark as ink:
pulled towards either
purification or destruction

home is where I wake up
where I sit
where I walk
mobile, yet moored
with a compass,  but broken oars

yesterday: “I’m liberated!”
today: “Damn, I’m hooked still”
disappointment and compassion
continue their eternal wrestling match

like an epiphyte, I’m groundless looking for ground that is
groundlessness where freedom grows


Heart impression at West Cliff, Santa Cruz

On bouldering as metaphor: sometimes your path is blocked. you only have to move over a bit for a clear path through.

Remember: Even the ocean and seashore write love letters to each other. That’s what creates both the smooth beach and jagged, beautiful cliffs.


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