Revolt Against the Word Thieves

commodificationlet’s revolt
against the word thieves
who steal
of nature
and community

wonderful words
beautiful words
indigenous words
words of the earth
the sea
the sky

of home


a product
to be owned
a brand
to be bought and sold

did you know that if you wanna
sing the words
mountain and river
with your heart full of life
they want you to pay royalties
to Big Mountain Co., Inc.?

will this generation grow up
knowing a leaf
is a car
rather than a life force?
our lungs?

did you know
they wanna put a logo on the moon?

let’s be the ones
unscrewing the bulbs
from the projector

let’s be the one’s
blowing up the projector

whichever way you please
revolt against
the word thieves

let’s be the ones
to reclaim
earthly words
from the profiteers:

The Reclaimers
that re-sacralize

let each
thing have its name
that can’t be owned


Image Credit: On the Commons



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