Snow Moon Stone (La Luna Llena #6)

InstagramCapture_70c221de-d993-4166-8095-f4bb23c7d893_jpgtonight you are
a solitary nomad,
a snow moon stone
practicing stillness
strolling through
a clear winter sky

nothing to hinder
your celestial sojourn

the cold heaven is yours
commanding the earth’s

even your closest friend, Venus,
dances deferentially
a fair distance away

your itinerary
doesn’t include
detours to this wet

but I sometimes wonder if
you ever succumb to
lunar loneliness
and seek affection from
creatures of the earth

Or it enough to know
that you pull
the tides up over their heads
like a blanket?

Though your native tongue
is soft-spoken
and your skin is soft and grey
you speak a luminescent lingo
loud enough to wake the owls
and evoke the howls
of canis lupus

you dress in flowing glows
bright enough to illuminate
the darkest pockets of
Deep Winter


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