How to Love Me

sand castle heart

love me like a friend
with gentle affection
and casual curiosity

love me like your best friend,
to whom deepest waters are not hidden
with whom there is no such thing as vulnerability
because there is nothing to fear

love me like you’ve known me
since the dawn of creation
memories clouded by stardust

but also love me like a stranger,
with the respect of
someone you just met
on a park bench in spring

because i have depths you can’t know
things hiding out in ocean caves only
moray eels go

love me like a community member
with regard and mutual support

love me like a playmate
being silly with deep laughter
in the garden
and like kids on the beach making castles
with serious play
ever ready to let the sea
reclaim it

love me with a trust
so deep
there are no roots old enough
to reach its depth

love me with a touch
that only you know how to give

love me with a knowing look
a shared secret
only our eyes can decipher

love me with a word
of appreciation
or with the silence
of your presence
even when we are far

love me with a song
whose melody stalks your heart
with tears of pain or joy

love me like a lover
whose open bodies
are close, but wanting even closer
sharing heat and intimate wetness
and generating colors
of the rainbow
and beyond

love me in any
or all of these ways


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