Because Words Are Food

step 1)Choose your words

step 2)Mix them together and  taste them

because words are food
chew on them
let them roll around
in your mouth
and dance
over the tip of your tongue
slowly and delicately
when you want to savor
every morsel
linger on every flavor
or gobble them whole
when you need to eat it all now!

Sometimes words are sour
or bitter
but you eat them anyway
because you know they are good for you

Sometimes they are rich
and delicious and sweet
your tongue demands more…
then a little more…
you can’t get enough..
just a bit more…
until every sensation is coaxed
from the rounded syllables
every flavor licked

until completely satisfied
swallow them
and rest fully
at home
knowing the well-enjoyed meal
was prepared and served with love

step 3)Digest


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