Black Rainbow

blackrainbowArched above me
a black rainbow
dark as midnight
stands in the cerulean sky
like a sentinel
with nothing to guard

the weight too much to bear
it lowers its bow
pitches forward
and begins to fall
abandoning its post


it slams the earth
like a megaton
shattering into a
billion shiny shards
of obsidian

forming an unstoppable flood
a thick, black, glassy river
intent on devouring

in its path

I’m inside
my old vehicle
now afloat
from the ravishing
rising tide

flipped end over end
and upside down
over the tall green hedge
that separates

I ride the wave
with caution and curiosity,
and excitement and equanimity
until it subsides

the volcanic rainbow river
into the earth

and I step outside
under a new sky
first breath after coma

[Photo Credit: Jason Stopa]


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