Literate Turtle: Micropoems From February Week 1

Each week I gather small poems and haikus I wrote inspired by writing prompts (such as @microprompt on Twitter). This week’s are mostly haikus, because it’s National Haiku Writing Month! #NaHaiWriMo

WP_20160205_003Surprise midnight rain
pitter patter on my tent
clotheline socks hang wet

holding on is a
conspiracy against life
resistance futile

she comes out to play
word games at midnight,
like a
literate turtle

as presence outshines
productivity, so comes
the realignment

stormtroopers descend
wiser than Yoda am I,
dispatch them with grace

California boy
under Iowa snow storm
pulls the covers up

What is a writer
in the era of Twitter
to do?
Just write.

my jade flowers bloom
brings all the bees to the yard
it’s better than yours

If all lives mattered
it wouldn’t have to be said
that black lives matter


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