Snow Moon Stone (La Luna Llena #6)

InstagramCapture_70c221de-d993-4166-8095-f4bb23c7d893_jpgtonight you are
a solitary nomad,
a snow moon stone
practicing stillness
strolling through
a clear winter sky

nothing to hinder
your celestial sojourn

the cold heaven is yours
commanding the earth’s

even your closest friend, Venus,
dances deferentially
a fair distance away

your itinerary
doesn’t include
detours to this wet

but I sometimes wonder if
you ever succumb to
lunar loneliness
and seek affection from
creatures of the earth

Or it enough to know
that you pull
the tides up over their heads
like a blanket?

Though your native tongue
is soft-spoken
and your skin is soft and grey
you speak a luminescent lingo
loud enough to wake the owls
and evoke the howls
of canis lupus

you dress in flowing glows
bright enough to illuminate
the darkest pockets of
Deep Winter

Picking Up Pieces of Herself

memory-laneshe picks up pieces
of herself
with a delicate hand
and a nostalgic gaze

looking back
to grow forward
distant eras beckon
through a thin black veil

she juggles
has beens
and what ifs
and what nots
with coquettish curiosity

all these mirrors
reflecting parts
she hasn’t seen
in a while

she reaches into
tattered pockets past
full of lint
and glowing embers
and old tickets to theme parks
she only visited once
and fortune cookies
announcing fates
flirted with
but not fulfilled

amidst the treasures
she finds rare coins
of value to collectors
like herself
who know how to appreciate
a good find

she knows her value

Smiling, she flips the coins
into the air
and slips them
into her newly sewn pockets
a savings account
for launching
her resurrection

Pull Up the Turnips: Micropoems from February Week 2-3

Each week I harvest a few small poems and haikus I wrote inspired by writing prompts (such as @microprompt on Twitter). This week’s are mostly haikus, because it’s National Haiku Writing Month! #NaHaiWriMo

turnips 2016.jpgbruised peach sunset with
magnolias in full bloom
commuter train howls

pull up the turnips
rap the brassica rapa
roast with rosemary

quiet clouds drift with
egret under mauve sunset
flow and stillness dance

life in the office
a clickety clackety
I can’t find the trees

if only you would
speak the language of silence
I’d understand you

literate turtle
knows many languages, but
not my native tongue

a strange sensation
I can’t feel her anymore
she went to china

darting to and fro
my curious colibri
might have A.D.D.

hello waxing crescent:

a sly sliver moon
cheshire gato grinning
what is your secret?

Primary season
winter of our discontent
love and fear wrestle

Because Words Are Food

step 1)Choose your words

step 2)Mix them together and  taste them

because words are food
chew on them
let them roll around
in your mouth
and dance
over the tip of your tongue
slowly and delicately
when you want to savor
every morsel
linger on every flavor
or gobble them whole
when you need to eat it all now!

Sometimes words are sour
or bitter
but you eat them anyway
because you know they are good for you

Sometimes they are rich
and delicious and sweet
your tongue demands more…
then a little more…
you can’t get enough..
just a bit more…
until every sensation is coaxed
from the rounded syllables
every flavor licked

until completely satisfied
swallow them
and rest fully
at home
knowing the well-enjoyed meal
was prepared and served with love

step 3)Digest

How to Love Me

sand castle heart

love me like a friend
with gentle affection
and casual curiosity

love me like your best friend,
to whom deepest waters are not hidden
with whom there is no such thing as vulnerability
because there is nothing to fear

love me like you’ve known me
since the dawn of creation
memories clouded by stardust

but also love me like a stranger,
with the respect of
someone you just met
on a park bench in spring

because i have depths you can’t know
things hiding out in ocean caves only
moray eels go

love me like a community member
with regard and mutual support

love me like a playmate
being silly with deep laughter
in the garden
and like kids on the beach making castles
with serious play
ever ready to let the sea
reclaim it

love me with a trust
so deep
there are no roots old enough
to reach its depth

love me with a touch
that only you know how to give

love me with a knowing look
a shared secret
only our eyes can decipher

love me with a word
of appreciation
or with the silence
of your presence
even when we are far

love me with a song
whose melody stalks your heart
with tears of pain or joy

love me like a lover
whose open bodies
are close, but wanting even closer
sharing heat and intimate wetness
and generating colors
of the rainbow
and beyond

love me in any
or all of these ways