The Fog Has Lifted: January Micropoems

Each week I gather small poems and haikus I wrote inspired by writing prompts (such as @microprompt on Twitter). The prompt word in each poem has a hashtag.

lifting the fog1like that maple #leaf,
in the cool winter midnight
hard time letting go

I see your shadow
shining like a rainbow #ray
tender sacred wound

Unless you’re quiet
as a butterfly in pupa
the #sound of The Machine
will grind your own voice
to bits

I was supposed to touch you
gently with words
but fear rode my #tongue
and hurled barbs
meant to wound.
for that i am sorry

the #fog has lifted
I see us for what we are:
creatures of love/fear

curiosity got the best of me
I peaked over the #rim of the caldera
and descended to find ancient ashes
to bathe in

The road to Pleasure City is paved
with bright pink bricks
rolling thru wetlands
I stroll the pink lick road
with an eager #tongue

let us hear the #sound
of our fears
but not live them out

Hara Haiku #1:
I’m jolted awake
by this #bell in my belly
3 am alarm


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