Open Letter to Rocks, from a Geologist of the Heart

heart rockOpen Letter to Rocks, from a Geologist of the Heart

Love rocks
Yes, I do
Yes, it does.

All unique
beyond compare
I touch each one
like it’s the first rock
I’ve ever seen
rolling it in my hands
feeling the texture
savoring its shape

If I’m bold, taste it

what is it made of?
what colors live in it?
how big or small is it?

Some are smooth
and simple
like sandstone,
layers added gently
over time
things get through
you can scratch
initials in it
bury your fossils
see where you’ve been
form fascinating patterns
exposed to the elements
it can erode over time

others are complex
and tough
like granite,
an amalgamation
of colored scars
formed from
enormous heat and pressure
pushing material
from deep below

its quartz are
micro prisms
elements within
wanting to be reflected
in the light of the sun

some transform
from one to another
like gneiss
banded with stretch marks
from its constant
not sure
what it wants to be
before it reaches the sea

other rocks begin scorching hot
burning wildly
but cooling rapidly
leaving a shiny surface
with nothing left to do

a trial by fire
an igneous experiment
below the surface
or sometimes out in the open

some rocks remain a mystery
elements beyond
the periodic table

love rocks

a whole collection
rests on my altar
pick one up
once in a while
just to admire

but always finding new types
never seen before

because I’m a geologist

and the earth
is made of rock
and so am I


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