Full Wolf Moon (La Luna Llena #5)

WP_20160125_002.jpgTo the Full Moon – January 2016

I didn’t expect to see you
come out and play tonight
from just beyond
the cottonwood tree

your daytime partner kept dancing
brightly behind silky undulating veils
that kept dropping
glitter to the ground

but evening festivities
blew the clouds away
and brought everyone out

not sure why I’m surprised:
you seem to stop by
about once a month

yet it’s always a nice gift
to see your glow up there
something familiar about it

I know moons like you don’t
have much to do
with us terrestrial folk
apart from pulling the tides
and making wolves howl

there’s a reason
for your orbit

yet, i still see
a friend in you
now that the dust is
out of my eyes

you’re alright
just like i thought
so many moons ago

so when cloudy curtains
draw back on chilly
winter nights
and you appear:

just appreciation

the world likes to see you


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