Honey Heart Cake Recipe

love greater than fearHoney Heart Cake Recipe: Here’s a recipe for healing heartache, handed down from my great great grandmother, who was a Redwood Tree. It’s a dense and rich dish and can be enjoyed raw or baked. For me it comes out different each time, but here are the basic ingredients:

1)Three or more cups of friends
2)Several heaping quarts of Vitamin N (nature). hiking 50+ miles helps, talking with trees, birds, and mud, creek therapy
3)Tears of pain and rage, the saltier the better. liberally sprinkled (don’t use all of them, though, save some for other pain)
5)A handful of Chocolate Love Chips, to add sweetness
6)Several tablespoons of Pema Chodron
7)A dash or two of humor, gratitude, and forgiveness, including self-forgiveness, if you have any on hand (if not, borrow some from a neighbor).

1)Mix ingredients together in a large heart-shape bowl, while breathing deeply. It doesn’t matter what order.
2)It’s very helpful to listen to music while cooking, especially sad and angry songs, but whatever fits the mood.
3)Add Pema intermittently during preparation and while the dish is baking
4)Bake as long as necessary and whatever temperature you want to reach desired consistency. If your oven is already too hot, bake at lower temperature. If your oven is broken, it’s ok to prepare raw. Lumps may remain.
5)Enjoy thoroughly and digest.
6)Finally, fanatically dance the shit out of all those fucking calories

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