Lunatic Swindler (Full Moon #4)

yes, exquisite moonfullmoon4
let us linger together
on this first blush of summer, ripening

is it you,
making the stone fruits drop?

everything is full, overflowing
almost too much so

but i can’t find you
you shine so bright
yet reveal nothing
but hints

you say: sometimes the night needs to retain its own shadow
even the clouds agree with you,
and conspire to protect the darkness,
the true birth of the ten thousand things

that’s why you stay hidden most of the time, you say

i get it, but

from where did you steal your light?
tonight you’re neither voyeur nor exhibitionist,
just an elusive thief

a lunatic swindler

evoking howls

i don’t really know you,
my intermittent neighbor,
permanent stranger

even so,
thanks for stopping by.


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