Declaration of Interdependence and Explosions in the Sky

interdependenceWhen in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the bands which have connected them with another….

Today i declare my independence from this culture. this culture of greed and militarism and racism and propaganda and distraction, that worships the new and shiny and possessions and sky gods and makes a fetish of celebrity and ‘power’ and distractions and ‘BIGGER’ and ignorance. that can’t help but bury its sins in forgetfulness. from this voracious devouring. this mania for MORE. I’ve lost my appetite. a fast is overdue.

i declare my INTERdependence with my fellow creatures of the earth, my sacred biotic community, the winged ones and hooved ones and gilled ones and 4-leggeds and no-leggeds. I declare my complete dependence on healthy ecosystems, on clean air, clean food, clean soil, and clean water. I declare my non-compliance with the merchants of death and vendors of forgetfulness who unwittingly conspire to take from me/us everything i love. If life is a race to exploit and use up everything we have inherited, who is the winner?

I declare my INTERdependence with my community, my family,those whom i live with and love, those who i know in passing, and those far-flung citizens of the world who i will never know, yet with whom i am inextricably intertwined. No one and no thing is independent of its context or relationships. Everything is interconnected. We’re caught up.

But what would we do if an entire culture was caught up in a tight web spun by a black widow? How would you get them out?

I honestly don’t know. But at the very least: an awakening from a dark sleep, a return, a rebirth, remembering, new stories, new myths? Being, not having. Feeling. re-Connecting.

Tonight i listen to all the Explosions in the Sky. First breath after coma.

After all, bees vibrate musical tones to open the flower.

Lunatic Swindler (Full Moon #4)

yes, exquisite moonfullmoon4
let us linger together
on this first blush of summer, ripening

is it you,
making the stone fruits drop?

everything is full, overflowing
almost too much so

but i can’t find you
you shine so bright
yet reveal nothing
but hints

you say: sometimes the night needs to retain its own shadow
even the clouds agree with you,
and conspire to protect the darkness,
the true birth of the ten thousand things

that’s why you stay hidden most of the time, you say

i get it, but

from where did you steal your light?
tonight you’re neither voyeur nor exhibitionist,
just an elusive thief

a lunatic swindler

evoking howls

i don’t really know you,
my intermittent neighbor,
permanent stranger

even so,
thanks for stopping by.