No Velvet-Covered Love/No Casual Clouds

1002asdasvcvno quiero un amor aterciopelado/don’t want no velvet-covered love

don’t want no cautious clouds
casually passing through each other
untouched and unknown
no uncorrupted altocummulus

i want to form extravagant shapes
like gremlins jumping out of the closet
unicorns hammering drywall
howler monkeys stealing guavas
and hurling them down the valley

i want to become a ferocious thunderstorm together
that feeds the earth
and sends bolts down to split trees.
zeus himself will take cover

no tepid love
no gentle creek
i want a flood
over hidden rough rocks
in a deep and crooked arroyo
and cuts canyons so deep there is no way out
but by digging to china
or drowning

i want our calves as strong as our hearts,
making the path by walking
bring a machete and 2 strong legs

i hear the rhythm on the horizon
deep beats, the pulse of thunder
let’s dance like idiots
and run through a field of fire
play hopscotch on mars

then exhausted,
let’s siesta in the sun
beside an alpine lake
dig our feet and souls in the mud
then string a hammock between horizons
and get to know one other

show me what’s under that boulder
show me where you got bit,
the shadow where no light got lit
take that stone fruit that’s all pit
and throw it down the mountain

leave me dizzy
a milky way spinning like a drunk
across the cosmos

then, like cosmic dust,
settle and
compose ourselves
for the next act


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