Omnivore – Haiku Series

(In progress)

“Even decay is a form of transformation into other living things, part of the great rampage of becoming this is also unbecoming. It is cruel, it is death, and it is also life, degeneration and regeneration, for nearly all things live by the death of other things…” From Rebecca Solnit, The Faraway Nearby

Omnivore Haiku #1:

Dear Detritivore:
your voracious appetite,
completes the circle.

Attention Earthworms!
Mission: Decomposition
open your gizzard.

twenty four seven
breakfast buffet of decay
your waste is our wealth.

Sun eaters unite!
redwood and algae alike
be still and absorb

How calming to hear,
The sound of your chloroplasts,
Abuzz with sunbeams

Mr. Vulture please,
eat the remains of the day
i don’t carrion

Ferocious feline
feasts on flesh of the field
king of the jungle

elegant eland
graceful, but too slow
a bloody carcass

but rather than hunt
you stole hyena’s dinner
who is the top dog?

Life feeds on life feeds
on life feeds on life feeds on
life feeds on life feeds…


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