La Luna Llena #3: Lunacy

The full moon dazzled me tonight,
dancing across the sky,
like some sorta late night lunar lambada.

Her gibbous eyes had me in a trance.
She seems to come by about once a month.
I know the rhythm by now.
Bright as ever, she pushes all stars aside,
owns the sky,
unaware of the impact she has on us earthlings.

But I’m not the only one.

Did you know certain trees are overcome
with lunar madness?
The Moonstruck Mountain Hemlock
is tricked by the radiance,
lured by the luminosity,
and sends its branches skyward,
hoping to touch the
trace water trapped as ice in rocks beneath the surface,
not realizing lunar lakes are an illusion.
that moon mares are mirages,
240,000 miles away.

no matter how high it grows,
no matter how far it bends,
the tree will never touch the moon.
Even at its perigree, it is forever out of reach.
At most, 59% of the moon’s surface can be seen.
The rest remains inscrutable.
A mystery.
A secure celestial citadel.

it sounds crazy.

lunatic if you ask me.


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