Wild Garden in the Gut

wild garden
growin in my gut
sweet pea and snapdragon surprise

butterflies landing on every other petal
like a thought that jumps around
neuron to neuron
fluttering and waiting for the dusk
or dawn
or pollen
para probar.

Just a taste.
Don’t try. Do.

All life is experiment
the moment is now
yet i can taste the hour on the horizon
filled with moments of mystery
it tastes like
daffodils and dirt,
lavender and lilies laughing

just the way I like it.

I like it
the way that butterfly flits,

movement is life,
stasis is death.

how many flowers
how much rain,
how many
parts of a flower
the whole or just a taste?

flores de misterio
misterio de flores

yeah, there’s a few weeds.
But I never trusted someone who don’t have no weeds
no, I never trusted that guy
who never let a wild garden grow in his gut


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