Hyperbolic Hydrophobic Haiku Series – Unrequited Love

Hyperbolic Hydrophobic Haiku #1:

Unrequited love,
like downpour on hard pavement,
no soft ground to soak

Unrequited love,
like the California drought,
Waiting for the rain

La Luna llena
Seems full and bright tonight, but…
Just a reflection

Unrequited love,
like poison oak and bee stings
itches but can’t scratch

She brings sweet like bees,
honey on the tip of tongue,
But I can’t taste more

Flash flood forming fast
edgy hot eddies swirl…then
slip down the storm drain

Unexpected route
takes debris and winter rain
back to one big sea

Unrequited love
floats on in, then dissipates,
a fierce, lovely cloud


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