A Country Lane Welcomes Me

Between golden-brown stalks

in their final hour

and boisterous blooms of baby’s breath

The color of clouds,

A sweeping silence came upon me.


It’s strange how full the sound of silence is,

Like the autumn maple

How deep & broad like the sea,

How patient and warm

I suppose they all share the primordial whisper

Passed on seed by seed,

Year by year,

That those with ears within

Delicate enough

can hear:

“Be and Be welcome”


New Year’s Resolutions, or The Art of Leaning In

Not in any order of importance:

1)Drink more wine, (especially from places like the Greece & Australia)

2)Drink more tea, (real men drink beer and coffee!)

3)Drink more world

4)Eat more garlic

5)Listen to more music

6)Scream more!!!!

7)Wear more slippers

8)Listen more (to everything except Bill, commercials, and doubts)

9)Take people out on more walks

10)Write more

11)Start 3 more hobbies

12)Play guitar outside more

13)Talk to more dolphins (actually all aquatic mammals) & children and old people

14)Travel more (especially to places like N. Italy & N. Michigan)

15)Take more cross-country trips with girls i love

16)Get more scratches & bruises from bushes & animals

17)Surprise myself more

18)Scare myself more

19)Bury myself in more substances

20)Make less lists!