To Cover the Cries

when you see the mounds of shoes of the babies burned

and the piles of hair


put in bags

the hair of the women whose lives were stolen

only a few more hours after it was stolen from them

to make mattresses and socks for submarine crews

from that death and suffering shall their comfort come

something in you rages,

something in you wants to

kill, kill, kill the killers,

die, die, die, a thousand times

but then

something in you dies,

done with killing,

done done done

too much

its just too much

something in you bellows,

bellows towards the witnessing moon,

but it is way too far away,

it’s not sufficient

your lungs are too weak to serve the suffering

they even revved the motorcycles engines outside the death chambers

to cover the cries

but it didn’t work

even machines couldn’t drown the scream of the flesh,

you ask

couldn’t their pain conquer the day

for those that wanted to hear?

can we still hear them?

something in you grieves and falls away,

but not just tears of loss, not only tears of sadness or mere pity for the suffering,

but something deeper yet,

a deep mourning for humanity

because you know something happened here

that left its mark on humanity,

something was lost,

above and beyond the lives of millions,

here, something was expressed

that can never be un-expressed

If this is what it means to be human

to maximize killing capacity

then maybe I’m done

for me the mornings of lies are gone (I’m done)

no more resting on sweet truths soft as pillows (I’m done)

no more lazy afternoons of half-measured truth (I’m done)

prepare the concrete bunker (I’m done)

because the cries can’t be covered


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