All Packed

So I’m all packed, ready to go:Ma_and_me_in_shadow

got my soap
my two jumping shoes of love and truth
a death camp stone
a pen of coral
a monkey sunrise
an African melody and a bottle of wine

I’ve got the shadow of the slivered moon
dancing on the limbs of the ceiba tree
and koi fish nibbling and tickling the roots of the lotus flower
that feeds the finicky bees
that don’t care they are robots

hold on un momento,
someone’s at the door
before sunrise a well-known stranger calling at my door,
a tall, dark handsome hour cloaked in inscrutability
greets me with his sly sordid grin

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Oh, yeah, my goddamn brick wall with ancient murals.”

“What else?” he demands.

“Oh yeah, my pockets lined with a thousand ornate and twisted hours and bleeding perimeters, I almost forgot.”

“Yeah, right.”

I don’t worry
his cloaked presence is more a cover for his impulse to create supernovas,
and he’s the one who gave me one of those jumping shoes in the first place
he always whispers, “don’t linger”
but this morning he introduced me to his beautiful sister:
the silhouette of hours afar filled with moments of mystery

I’m going to need a bigger suitcase