I Left Some Tidbits

I have been leaving little pieces of you, of us, of my heart, all over the globe. A bit here and a chunk there…I left some tidbits on top of Volcano Popo and Itza outside Mexico City, I drowned some in a powerful primordial waterfall in Chiapas, I whispered some secret words in the silent dark corridors of the grand pyramid in Cholula, I let some lizards and toucans eat some morsels of my heart in the ancient jungle ruins of Palenque, I shared some with a Mexican women, and a few more to a guatemalteca girl, some more to a Brazilian girl, and several other girls took some without even knowing it.  From atop the peak of Volcano Tajumulco in Guatemala I hurled some shards of pain like Zeus down to the Pacific Ocean across a pink sea of clouds, I submerged yet others in the cold lake waters of Lago Atitlan amidst the basalt rock and ancient fish, and I buried some pebbles of our past in the rivers of flowing lava atop Volcano Pacaya.


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